The Jacques-de Champlain Foundation launches its campaign “Make hearts beat, download the AED-Quebec App! » to save lives

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Montreal, February 1, 2024 – During this Heart Month, the Jacques-de Champlain Foundation is committed to informing the Quebec population of the existence of the AED-Québec mobile application to encourage downloads during February. The campaign “Make hearts beat, download the AED-Québec app!” » will demystify what an AED is, explain the importance of downloading the mobile application which lists AED devices, and using defibrillators during cardiopulmonary arrest.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) can mean the difference between life and death during a cardiac arrest. Accessible to all, this battery-powered mobile device can be used by anyone to resuscitate a person in cardiac distress. No training is necessary to use the AED. By plugging in the electrodes, the device analyzes the victim’s heart rate, determines whether to administer a shock or not, and provides instructions (audible and visual) to guide the user through the process.

Launched by the Foundation in 2015, the AED-Québec application currently lists close to 7,000 defibrillators across Quebec. In addition to identifying the location of these devices, the app provides essential CPR information, and allows the registering of a new AED in the Foundation’s registry.


“During this Heart month, prevention must become a priority for everyone. With the AED-Quebec application, our Foundation is committed to improving resuscitation care for Quebecers and to see to listing and installing more AEDs across the territory of Quebec. All the data shows that rapid use of an AED increases the chances of survival,” explains Dr François de Champlain, president, and scientific spokesperson for the Foundation.


Using an AED triples the chances of survival!

Cardiovascular disease affects nearly 2.4 million adults in Canada, ranking as the second leading cause of death. Annually, they cause approximately 45,000 cardiorespiratory arrests (CARs) in the country, or one every 12 minutes, and affect approximately 10,000 people in Quebec. Rapid use of an AED triples a victim’s chances of survival, which decrease by 7 to 10% per minute after an ACR. Downloading the DEA-Québec application on your mobile device (Apple or Android) allows you to actively contribute to saving lives.

Since 2009, the Jacques-de Champlain Foundation has committed to improving intensive care and cardiovascular research in Quebec, and recently obtained significant funding from the Government of Quebec. This support will enable the deployment of 1,000 new AEDs in public locations over the next three years, 100 of which have already been installed in Phase 1, strengthening the continued development of the repertoire.


About the Jacques-de Champlain Foundation:

The Jacques de Champlain Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to increase the survival rate of victims of cardiac arrest by optimizing access and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

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Make hearts beat, download the AED-Québec App
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