On July 15th 2009 my father died suddenly, leaving family, colleagues and friends in deep sorrow. Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack in a rural area without a first responder system equipped with a cardiac defibrillator.

Significant delays prior to the arrival of the ambulance prevented my father from benefitting from a second chance, as can be achieved when cardiopulmonary resuscitation and prompt use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) are provided within the first minutes following cardiac arrest. Irreversible brain damage begins to appear as early as about 5 minutes after cardiac arrest, which is why lifesaving interventions must be undertaken very quickly. Therefore, every minute counts!

During my career as an emergency physician, I have treated many patients who suffered a cardiac arrest and survived because rapid interventions were provided prior to their arrival at the hospital. Most of these patients recovered well and continue to benefit from an excellent quality of life.

The Jacques de Champlain Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to improving resuscitation care in Quebec, namely by promoting easy and rapid public access to AEDs. In order to achieve this, we have put in place a provincial registry to locate AEDs and integrate this information to a free mobile app called AED - Quebec. The Foundation also supports the research work of young scientists in the cardiovascular field, as my father did throughout his career.

To achieve these goals, the Foundation needs your contribution!

Thank you for your support!

François de Champlain, MD, MM, FRCPC
Emergency Physician, McGill University Health Centre
Founding President, Jacques de Champlain Foundation