Support research in the cardiovascular field

The advancement of medical research in the field of cardiovascular health in Quebec is an important element of the Jacques de Champlain Foundation’s mission. Since its creation in 2009, the Foundation has established three initiatives to stimulate research in the cardiovascular field: the Symposium, the Award for Excellence in Research, and a research grant in resuscitation developed in partnership with the Association des médecins d’urgence du Québec (AMUQ). You can find all the details concerning these initiatives in this section of the Foundation’s website.

Resuscitation Grant

This grant addresses to all members of the Association des médecins d'urgence du Québec (AMUQ), particularly to resident doctors and junior researchers interested in research in cardiovascular resuscitation care (CPR and defibrillation). A description of the grant as well as the selection criteria can be found on the AMUQ website.

Award of Excellence

This prize, presented by the Jacques de Champlain Foundation, is awarded to a young scientist that stands out in terms of the quality of their research project submitted to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Quebec.  Both foundations jointly donate a sum of  $20,000 to help further finance the research project. Moreover, the recipient is invited to propose a theme and select speakers that will present their respective research projects at the following year’s Symposium. In this sense, we aim to promote scientific interactions and help stimulate the career of a young promising researcher.

2017 Laureate
Dr. Marie-Annick Clavel


The Jacques de Champlain Symposium offers a cutting-edge scientific program with world-class speakers that aims to promote the development of innovative ideas and approaches in cardiovascular research. The Groupe de recherche universitaire sur le médicament (GRUM), co-founded by Jacques de Champlain of the University of Montreal, is responsible for organizing the annual Symposium.